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I tweeted on Saturday some of the reasons why, amidst the Challenge Chaos on TopShot, I’m putting my chips in the Anthony Edwards Rising Stars Challenge. It took me selling off a #6/15000 Steph Curry Series 2 Base Set Moment to @ArsOnic and taking a couple Ls on Zach Lavine and Brandon Ingram Series 2 Metallic Gold Limited Edition Moments to get liquid enough to complete, but I’m betting that I made the right choice.

Full thread here:

Spoiler alert: I’m bullish.

I also talked about my thoughts on the Rising Stars Challenge 1 more broadly and what might happen with the 9 other moments including LaMelo Ball, James Wiseman and Facundo Campazzo after the challenge ends tomorrow on Plungers Lunch Bunch earlier this week.


“Challenges may be ruining @nbatopshot in your opinion, but they enhance it in mine.” -@plungefather