There’s nothing that builds anticipation on NBA Top Shot quite like a Pack drop. And it makes sense! People love packs. But understanding the release schedule can be hard to understand.

So let’s break it down. And keep in mind, all of this is subject to change.

Right now, there are two basic types of drops:

  • Base Pack Releases
  • Special Pack Drop


Right now, Dapper Labs is using a system that employs both a Waiting Room and a randomized queue.

Pack pages will typically show up hours before a scheduled drop. Then, prior to the scheduled Drop time (often 30 minutes or so), the Pack’s page will have “Join Now” button. You might need to refresh this page closer to the drop time if you’ve had it open for a while.

After clicking the “Join Now” button, Collectors will enter the Waiting Room, which usually displays a countdown timer. When that timer runs out, Collectors in the waiting room are placed into a fully randomized queue. This isn’t first-come, first-serve: there are no guarantees that joining the waiting room earlier will get you a better spot. That means whether or not you get a Pack is left to chance. For now, Dapper feels it’s the best way to play fair. With that being said, don’t get discouraged! If there are 5,000 available packs and you’re 6,000th in line, it could be worth waiting; often, payment issues and a lack of patience means those on the edges of the line have a solid chance at scoring a Pack.

If you’re in the queue, make sure you’re either checking your spot periodically or have it set to email you when it’s your turn. Usually, Collectors will have between 5-15 minutes to complete their purchase.


Base Packs, such as Release 19, are where many of the Common Set Moments are released. These packs contain the moments that are the least rare, meaning that they could soon contain Moments with up to 50,000 and even 100,000 minted serials in circulation. The plan is for these packs to always cost $9.00.

There is no schedule for these releases and it’s unlikely that there ever will be. They are not meant to actually be “drops.” The intention is that eventually, these Base Packs will be available 24/7 for new Collectors to purchase so that everyone can experience opening a pack.

But, as we’ve seen throughout the Beta, that’s easier said than done. NBA Top Shot is in a constant state of exponential growth, and the demand far outpaces the supply. Over time, the Top Shot team will likely regulate this with either a new system or an abundance of Base Moments.

Why are so many Base pack drops unannounced? Simply put, they’re not meant to be official drops. Right now, many of these drops are announced in advance on Discord, and some of them are “Stress Tests,” low-quantity drops intended to work any bugs out of the system.

But don’t worry — we’ve got your back. Follow The First Mint on Twitter to be find out about the next pack drop.


Non-Base Pack Drops are announced with at least 8 hours notice prior to a drop. These drops will contain Special Set Common Moments, Rare Moments, and even Legendary Moments, and as with Base packs, the announcements will feature a sheet that lists every moment available in these packs. The prices on these can vary, ranging from $14 for a Cool Cats or Seeing Stars pack to the recent $999 Holo Icon pack.

Each Drop will have a specific set theme. For example, Cool Cats Drop 2 (Special Common), Season Tip Off (Rare), or Deck The Hoops (Legendary). These will typically accompany a related challenge.

We don’t know yet how often we can expect these types of pack drops. Dapper has stated a goal of doing them every Monday and Thursday, but as we know, the project is always growing, and as we’re still in Beta, these things are subject to change.



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