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The trade deadline has come and gone today, with many players changing teams (and many other staying put).

There are tons of questions and speculation around the NBA Top Shot community as to what will happen to a player’s Top Shot moments after he is traded. We break down all the implications below.

The Edition becomes Limited

Although it does not take effect immediately, the player’s Moments that were previously “Circulating Count” (CC) will become “Limited Edition” (LE), meaning no more of these Moments will be minted.

For example, Victor Oladipo’s 35000 CC+ Moment will now become 35000 LE, and no more will be made.


Yes, more Moments of that player are released on their OLD TEAM

But only if they have been previously minted. For example, below is a list of players who have 35000 Common Moments that have already been minted (you can see this data on Evaluate Market and on Top Shot Explorer.

In Evaluate, the “Minted (Not in Pack)” means how many have been made but not yet packaged or released. The “In Packs” is how many have been put into packs, and are either being held unopened by Collectors or yet to be dropped by Top Shot.

For Victor Oladipo’s moment below, we can see that less than 35% of his Series 2 Common Moment is actually owned by collectors.

This means the remaining 65% will be released regardless of him being traded.

How do we know this for a fact?

It has been confirmed by Top Shot, and was also applicable to the previous trades we witnessed during Series 2:

  • James Harden to Brooklyn. He had several hundred MGLE Series 2 moments yet to be released in Houston. They were released in a pack drop a month following the traded.
  • Blake Griffin to Brooklyn. Blake still has many more 12000 LE moments yet to be released (his First Appearance on Top Shot as well). These will be released despite the trade.

And the same will apply to this list of players traded today:

Do the moments get burned?

No they do not. We’ve got a helpful post on how that works and WHICH moments will be burned. And it is definitely NOT applicable to a player that has been traded.

Do they stop making the Moments?

YES! And in some cases, the minting of the Moment might stop mid-edition.

For example, when Caris Levert and Jarrett Allen were involved the James Harden traded, their Common Series 2 Moments had only been minted up until 5000 CC. Hence, those were turned to 5000 LE, and then remaining supply of those 5000 LE subsequently released.

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