Earlier this week the average TopShot collector owned about 5 moments. One Tuesday afternoon, earlier this month, TopShot collector Libruary bought 126 Series 2, Brandon Clarke commons in 13 minutes* (note: Clarke #127 and #128 came just a few days later to round out the Libruary’s fleet). This type of buying power and liquidity is what separates TopShot’s ‘whales’ from the common collector. My most recent infographic delves into the last month of purchases for TopShot’s top 10 accounts* (valuations by evaluate.market).

* Accounts had to have activity to be considered (notable exclusions include WhaleVault1 and Roham)

Here are some take-aways:

  • As a cohort, they bought more than they sold (782 purchases and 127 sales)
  • Whales appear to challenge focused based on their market activity. Several made multiple purchases for moments in the active Seeing Stars and Rising Stars challenges.
  • They’re focusing on Series 2. 95% of purchases were for S2 moments.
  • The most active of them buy in bunches. Libruary bought 25+ Cam Reddish and Mason Plumlee commons, in addition to the Brandon Clarke moments he scooped earlier this month. Among other multiples, juy12218 picked up $18,356 worth of Rising Stars, Théo Maledon moments (35 in total).


*Editor’s Note: This was prior to the current marketplace cool down restrictions.

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