The Undervalued MVP 🃏

Good Morning, NBA Top Shot fiends! Ready for some pack luck today? (spoiler alert: anyone who pre-registered will get one — no cold brew required!) Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:New to Top Shot? Check out our Top Shot 101 section!

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Quick Hits

🔹 The queue for the Series 2, Release 32 base pack opens TODAY at 11 AM PDT. If you pre-registered over the last few days, you’ll be able to enter the queue at any time from 11 AM PDT until April 30 at 5 PM PDT (no need to wait in a long line!). Check out the full list of moments available in these packs here.

🔹 Miss Tuesday’s Office Hours? We got some juicy information on tons of different topics across the NBA Top Shot ecosystem. A full thread below:

🔹 MOAR CAT THEORIES! 🙀 Here is an interesting prediction from Twitter user @Scar_City_23 on the next Cool Cats in the pipeline — featuring ‘Ice In Veins’ and ‘Players With Cat Tattoos’: *NOTE — PURE SPECULATION, NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN*

Market Movers

Miss the Marketplace Report? Check out this thread with charts from _GregMurray detailing all the market trends from last week

With the end of the regular season just 17 days away, the major awards races are starting to heat up. Let’s take a look at the potential MVP contenders, with this awesome interactive chart from @SteefCrypto:

It’s interesting to note the fluctuations and large price difference between Luka Doncic and Steph Curry from the field. Especially when Nikola Jokic currently is a heavy favorite (-500) on the betting markets, with Joel Embiid having the second best odds. Chalk it up to the big man bias we frequently see on the NBA Top Shot marketplace, perhaps?

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