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There’s a challenge coming up in the next few weeks that may become one of the hottest thus far in Series 2 of NBA Top Shot. It is the Lebron James Seeing Stars Challenge. If you just want the list of moments, skip to What moments do I need.

What is Seeing Stars?

Seeing Stars is an NBA Top Shot set released on March 5th and 6th, 2021. It featured 24 Moments from players selected to the 2021 NBA All Star Game (although the Moments were chosen from the regular season). There were over 183,000 packs sold to collectors, and each Moment had a Limited Edition count of 10,000. 

Following the release of the Moments, the first Challenge for the set appeared: the Kevin Durant Seeing Stars Challenge. If you are new to Challenges, check out this post

Has the Challenge been confirmed?

Pretty much. For the first week following the launch of the first Seeing Stars Challenge for Kevin Durant, Top Shot released a few cryptic messages about the Lebron Challenge and what would be needed. They also launched the “Welcome to the All-Star Family Challenge” for Mike Conley, fuelling speculation that there would be a “Master Challenge” for the Lebron.

However, on Wednesday March 17th, 2021, during a late-night stress test, this message appeared to those waiting in the queue. It pretty much confirms that the Lebron Challenge will only require the other Moments sold in the Seeing Stars packs. 

Lebron Challenge confirmation
Text posted during a stress test on March 17, 2021

What Moments do I need?

The Seeing Stars Moments needed for the Lebron Challenge are listed below. These are ALL currently available on the Marketplace, and are ALL 10,000 Limited Edition Moments.

When will the Challenge begin?

The Kevin Durant Seeing Stars Challenge is set to expire on Monday, March 29th, 2021. It is very likely that the Lebron James Challenge will begin immediately after that or within a few days. 

How many people will complete the Challenge?

That’s difficult to say, and it will fluctuate quite a lot over the course of the Challenge and leading up to it. Bookmark and keep an eye on this Challenge Tracker post for all the latest information on completions.