To our friends, peers, and community,

It’s time to tell you what’s going on with The First Mint. 

At the end of last year I made a commitment to create in crypto full time. I jumped into NFTs, armed with only a decade in content marketing and a voice that had only ever been used to MC a few weddings.

Four months, 300k+ podcast downloads, and one hell of a community later, this experience has changed my life. 

I’ve met some very genuine people; passionate collectors, investors, and sports lovers, all of whom make Top Shot Twitter one of the best social experiments in the world. And every day I get to collaborate with incredibly driven creators, many of which are new friends I’ve just met this year.

And The First Mint has grown a lot too. We have a strong group behind the scenes (in fact, too many to name!) helping to bring you tweets, pods, cold brews, and coverage. Every day at The First Mint is a blend of adrenaline, angst, laughter, and intense speculation – just as it should be.  

And we will continue to grow with the same core mission:

  • To make NFTs a community-based experience. 
  • To empower newcomers to make strong decisions. 
  • To provide traditional coverage of non-traditional concepts. 
  • To give everything we do a crypto-centric element.
  • To make this a welcoming space.

NFTs have so much promise and we are just on the cusp of what can be done here. Yes, the first hype cycle is over, but the NFT community can still be the ultimate social destination as a fun place to connect and a new paradigm for society.

We really believe that. And we hope you do as well.

So now, we build.

We build for the next phase. For utilitarian adoption. For the full mainstream. 

This means we will be expanding beyond NBA Top Shot and into the broader world of NFTs. We will continue to deliver content, but we will also be creating experiences that help our community learn new skills, discover new tools, and find their next NFT obsession.

And we want you to be part of that. 

So on June 22nd at 12pm PT, The First Mint is going to drop an NFT.

This will be our very first one and marker of the true origin of The First Mint. It will represent a few things:

  • An opportunity for our biggest believers to be our OG supporters
  • A celebration of how far we’ve come as a collective
  • An exclusive front-row seat to everything that comes next 

This NFT represents membership into The First Mint way of life. A stamp of confidence and a badge of conviction. A symbol that says that you believe in The First Mint and our foundational pillars: Community. Collective. Collaboration.

It will be called The First Mint Day One NFT, and those who buy one will receive:

  • The First Mint OG T-Shirt (limited run)
  • Access to The First Mint NFT-Gated Discord
  • Early access to podcasts, partnerships, guests, and other content
  • And of course, the Day One NFT itself

There will only be 550 of these NFTs. 500 will be for sale on June 22nd (Drop Day), and the other 50 will be held for team members and promotions (you know the drill by now if you’re in Top Shot). 

When you buy one, you will be granted access into our Discord, and immediately begin to receive first access to everything happening at The First Mint. So long as you hold the NFT, you will remain in this group. If you sell, you’re out! We’ll also be fulfilling the t-shirt order IN the Discord, so be sure to get in shortly after the drop!

This NFT will also reveal our new brand and logo; one that brings all the pieces together and represents the galvanization of our community. The First Mint is a collaboration of many pieces and people coming together, and this NFT will represent that.

As for the brand that got us here (the pink basketball), it will be immortalized forever on the OG t-shirts. That’s right; the t-shirt will be the ONLY PLACE our current brand will live on. After June 22nd, the new one takes over.

The details of the launch – Platform, Price, Instructions – will be revealed in the coming days. Please keep an eye on our channels (Twitter, Newsletter, Podcast) for those details.

This drop is just the beginning. We truly believe that life is about experience and that the best moments in life are shared (no pun intended). That’s why we had to bring back our often-wild live show, and that’s why we insist on events like Club Cold Brew: because we want to do all of this with you. 

So as we grow, our mission will remain the same: to make NFTs a community-driven experience. 

We’re excited. The last five months have been the prologue; the prep for the journey to come. 

Next comes the first step. 

And we’d love for you to take it with us.

-LG & The First Mint Crew