Good Morning, NBA Top Shot Cool Cats! Yes, the Cool Cats Challenge is still going (more on this below) — but rest assured, there are only two more Cats to go! If it was any more than that, we would all start to slowly devolve into felines. But Planet of the Cool Cats just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:

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Quick Hits 👊

🔹 We’ve got another reservation pack! Series 2, Release 34 is available for collectors to claim until May 12 at 9 AM PDT — with the queue scheduled for May 14.

The pre-order & reservation packs have been a great way for new collectors to score that first pack-opening experience — while getting into the queue at your own leisure. Although the base packs have been underwhelming for some, the implementation of trade tickets should give even the least desirable moments utility in the future.

🔹 Are you ready for some Throwdowns? We saw 51 new moments added to the database on Wednesday for the upcoming rare set, with 45 of them being fully minted — and at first glance, we might have another Master Challenge on our hands (click thread for more details)”:

Dunk Contest Champions Blake GriffinZach LavineHamidou DialloDerrick Jones Jr.,Anfernee Simons & Donvoan Mitchell were the only moments in the set NOT to be minted, meaning they will be the six challenge rewards.

Are we ready for another multi-tiered/long-term challenge? The Cool Cats Master Challenge fatigue is real — and releasing this more desirable set at the same time could be another major blow to CC prices that have already burned many collectors.

🔹 Miss ‘Office Hours’ on Tuesday? Take a look at our live thread for all of the news from Community Lead Jacob Eisenberg’s Discord chat. See below for an interesting note on ‘Collector Scores’, which could factor into requirements for upcoming rare and legendary drops (no details yet on how the Collector Score will function).

MOAR Cool Cat Theories 🙀 🔮

I long for the day I no longer have to post Cool Cats theories — but alas, here we are. We saw a single new Cool Cats moment minted on Wednesday, with Ben Simmons likely being the reward for the next leg of the challenge.

Our master theorist @TheReelPhilD had several spicy guesses on what could tie the next group of required base moments together: (*NOTE: PURE SPECULATION, NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, NOT CONFIRMED TO HAPPEN*)

New Cool Cats Challenges are typically posted shortly after the previous one ends, so keep your eyes out today for the reveal!

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Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint

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