Good Morning, NBA Top Shot collectors! Happy Saturday — hope you snagged a pack or two this week and have some great weekend vibes! Let’s get into all the action you might’ve missed over the last few days:

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Quick Hits 👊

🔹A Stress Test Friday Surprise! With only 30 minutes of notice given and 100,000 packs distributed, we saw a lower number join the queue than in past drops. Roughly 104,000 users joined prior to randomization, so a large majority of users likely walked away with a pack — happiness all around!

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🔹Interviewing the man of mystery. After @Dingaling continued to make headlines earlier this week with massive purchases, we knew we had to talk to them. Listen to the latest The First Mint Podcast below (Disclaimer – the fake voice we used is creepy AF):

🔹We got a new blog during Friday’s Stress Test, ‘The State of Top Shot For April 2021’While there weren’t any major reveals or earth-shattering content, the team addressed the hyper-growth of the platform, withdrawals, and drastically scaling the team in all areas of the company.

🔹Miss ‘Office Hours’ yesterday? Check out our tweet thread with everything that Dapper Labs Community Lead Jacob Eisenberg discussed.

🔹 Roham in General alert! CEO Roham Gharegozlou stopped by the NBA Top Shot general discord channel for an impromptu Q&A with users on Thursday.
Some highlights:

– Plan for remaining Series 1 moments coming in the next few weeks — believes it will be ‘excellent for engagement and the market’
– Mobile game going into testing, mobile app for platform further away
– Recently onboarded first ‘VIP’ manager to cater to the higher spend/more active collectors
– Roham ‘can neither confirm nor deny’ any plans for marketing during the NBA Playoffs

Market Movers 📊

We had a large influx of moments this week with the Rare MGLEs, Rebounds, and Stress Test packs. Let’s take a look at the market post-MGLE drop, via @SteefCrypto(Note: data analysis prior to stress test)

Cold Brew in the Queue

Wondering what the secret to scoring a great queue spot? Not bots, not multi-accounts, not pure luck — it’s cold brew.

Andrew’s cold brew movement caught the attention of our very own @TheReelPhilD, who was desperately looking for any way to exorcise the Dapper demons that have plagued his queue luck. And… it worked!

The craze then spread to our fearless leader @LGDoucet, who… Wait, is that a measuring cup he’s drinking out of?

Questionable ‘cup’ choice aside, the theory worked for both Doucet brothers. While the jury is still out on if the stress test was an acceptable sample size to continue the theory (almost everyone got a pack), you might want to grab some cold brew on the next major drop.

And because I haven’t gotten a pack of consequence in 84 years, please shill me your favorite cold brews. Will try anything for a change in luck!


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