Good Morning, NBA Top Shot playoff people — Happy Weekend! Hope you had some good luck with your reservation Playoff packs (if you haven’t hit the queue, you’ve got until Monday at 11 AM PST). Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:

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Quick Hits 👊

🔹Are you feeling legendary? The next Holo Icon pack drop is officially scheduled for this coming Thursday, June 17. And just like the rare MGLE packs from this week, the rollback to Series 1 prices ($230 instead of $999) makes these packs EXTREMELY desirable.

You’ll need a Collector Score of 7,500+ to be eligible for the queue, but the Top Shot team has some new twists to help users gain access. The bonuses available to boost Collector Score, via the NBA Top Shot blog:

Set Completion Bonus –  Now you can double-up on points when you complete a Set. 

Series Team Bonus – For fans who go all-in on their squads. Collect at least 1 Moment from each player on a team of your choice for a given series, get a 50% bonus on each Moment. 

Full Team Bonus: For our completionists (and super fans). Collect at least one Moment from each player ever to be featured on a team of your choice and score big.

Challenge Completion + Reward Owned: If you’ve completed a Challenge and still own that Challenge Reward, you will receive a bonus. 

Additionally, collectors will get a tiered bonus based on Marketplace spend. For members of the Nine Lives Lounge (holders of all 30 Cool Cats), you’ll have automatic access as well. Check out the full blog for detailed information on the drop, Collector Score and bonuses.

We also got an exclusive breakdown from @AlanFalcon, co-creator of NBA Top Shot, in the latest pod:

Get those Collector Scores pumped up!

🔹 Series 2 has finally entered the playoffs. As mentioned above, the queue for the first reservation playoff moments hit the market yesterday (technically Thursday, due to an issue that allowed a few users to grab packs prior to the drop) — with collectors having until Monday to grab their pack.

In addition to 32 moments from the league’s top players, there are also several fun challenges in play for some of the top highlights in the playoffs so far:

The first two challenges were released on Friday, with Trae Young and Paul George as the rewards (names linked for what you’ll need to complete each one).

🔹 Miss ‘Office Hours’ on Friday? NBA Top Shot Co-Founder and recent TFM pod guest Alan Falcon answered questions related to Collector Score, bonuses, future Marketplace implementations and more. Check out our live tweet thread for the full notes.

Market Movers 📊

Pretty solid week for the market! Yesterday’s update, via @SteefCrypto:

The Collector Score requirements and bonus opportunities are driving prices upward — with the full team bonus in particular creating several bottlenecks that surged with the announcement.

Taylor Stein detailed these bottlenecks — and the users capitalizing on them — in his most recent blog.

This excerpt from Taylor hits on how the new game dynamics are shaking up the value of moments (in a good way):

There’s certainly a lot to unpack from these recent announcements, but there’s one aspect that stands out to me: there are now many ways to play the game. With different bonuses for collecting Moments from a team, completing a particular set, etc., there are now many strategies at play, and I believe this will result in a more dynamic and interesting community.

The CS/bonus, as well as the new playoff challenges, are helping keep value in play for a wider variety of moments — It’s a larger-scale version of the original Cool Cats challenges (with base moments needed) — and an additional fun twist to collecting. The future implementation of trade tickets will also create yet another avenue for moments to retain/gain value with utility.

And for now at least, it seems to be working! We’re not seeing the usual sell-offs after pack drops, and things are creeping upward. Check out the 7-day chart for the Series 2 Base Set (data via Evaluate.Market)!

The more utility Top Shot can provide for all moments, the better. And the innovations over the last few weeks have been very encouraging signs for the state of the platform going forward.

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