We’ve already covered the burning question of “WenPacks?” We talked about how drops work. But what happens if you actually find yourself at the front of the queue? Or, in Top Shot world: “HowPacks?”

First things first, congratulations! You’re soon to be the owner of a freshly dropped pack. This is what we’re here for, the anticipation of opening (or sometimes holding) a pack that belongs to you and only you, is one of the greatest Top Shot feelings. We may not know what hitting a buzzer-beating game-winner feels like, but this is a close second! 

When your number is called you’ll be automatically transferred from the waiting line to the pack page. Note that due to a high volume of buyers, Dapper advises that this re-directing could be instant, but it could also take up to 5 minutes. The key here is not to refresh! Hold the line, and you’ll be through the door before you know it. 

Once you’re back to the pack page, you’ll notice the big blue “Buy Pack” button is alive and waiting for your click. So what are you waiting for?! Click it, and you’re one step closer to Dapper’s payment page and your bounty. 

If you see this, don’t panic! Sit patiently. It can take a sec…

On the Dapper page you’ll see your account and the payment options available to you. If your Dapper Wallet has funds in it, either from you loading it or from a previous sale (nice!), your balance will show in USD. If your balance is more than what the pack costs, you can*NSYNC it (Buy buy buy.)

If your Dapper funds are a little short, no worries. Dapper doesn’t advise loading your wallet solely to grab a pack, so they’ve ensured that you have the ability to buy using a credit card or Crypto. Just note that if you’re not American, your credit card may charge a fee for converting into USD, and they will probably offer you a pretty bad exchange rate. But the juice is still worth the squeeze! 

No matter how you pay, your place in line will not be lost — that is, of course, assuming you complete your transaction within the allotted time limit. Yes, there are often time limits on these things, so don’t lollygag around! The pack is almost yours as soon as you hit confirm.

You’ll now be bounced to the Order Activity page. Once you’ve hit this page, you’re waiting to see the Order Status move from a yellow “pending” to a green =“success.” This is the last stage of processing — you don’t have to stay on this page for the transaction to go through.  If you got it, you got it.

Finally, it’s time to open! 

You’ll be taken to a giant throbbing pack of excitement (sounds dirty) with killer music and tons of excitement. You CAN choose to not open the pack, and it’ll be transferred to your “My Packs” page instead. If you’re not crazy, you can open by clicking the pack. 

When you do open it, you’ll see your moments first show up as grey squares. Did you order a non-Base pack? You’ll see featured moments, like Rares or other editions, show up as a different colour or label.

When you click these squares, BOOM: There’s your new Moment. You’ll get to watch your highlight (usually soundtracked by some trap beats), with a bit of added information on the side.

Once you’ve opened all your moments, a nifty summary of your pack’s contents will reveal itself. It’ll even tell you what the best serial number you pulled was.

One final note: If your moments don’t immediately show up in your account, be patient; it may take Dapper up to 15 minutes to move your moments to your account. If for any reason your pack opening times out, you should be able to find it waiting for you on your packs page. In some rare instances, users reported that their pack didn’t open, but the moments appeared in their account minutes later. 

That’s it, the pack (and more importantly) moments are yours! You can list or hold as you see fit, and wait for the next pack drop to do the Top Shot tango all over again.