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What is NBA Top Shot?

Top Shot is basically sports cards but as actual video highlights from real NBA Games. They are called “Moments”. Each Moment has a specific scarcity and mint limit, meaning some only have a count of 50 and others of 35,000. Each Moment also belongs to a specific “set”, such as the “Cool Cats Set” or the “Series 2 Base Sets”.

Moments are acquired by buying and opening Pack, which vary in price and supply, and by purchasing on the NBA Top Shot Marketplace. Once you have Moments in your account, you can either Sell them on the Marketplace or “Gift” them to friends, family, or a trusted trade partner. The Moments are on the Flow Blockchain. They are not physical. Rather, they are digitally encrypted items known as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

NBA Top Shot is still in beta, meaning the construction and development of the product is not yet complete. As a result, there may be recurring issues with pack releases, marketplace operation, and delays in the ability to withdraw your funds. The estimated end of the Beta is October 2021.

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Learning Resources

The absolute most important part of getting into NBA Top Shot is to learn as much as possible. Top Shot is a very complex product with many layers, rules, and trends, and education is vital. Top Shot also boasts a wonderful community of collectors, investors, and enthusiasts who are willing to help newcomers as much as possible.

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Have Fun!

NBA Top Shot is meant to be a fun and vibrant community of people that love basketball and blockchain. It’s an investment product, but also a platform for collectors to explore a brand new world. Be responsible with the amount you spend, and don’t hesitate to ask questions in the community. Our DMs are always open to chat.