Every Moment on NBA Top Shot has an edition size. If you’re not sure what that means, let’s explain.

A moment’s Edition Size can be found both next to a Moment both in the Marketplace and in your Collection.

There are two types of Edition Sizes in Top Shot:

  • CC = Circulating Count
  • LE = Limited Edition

Circulating Count (CC) designates a moment that still has an open mint, meaning more of these moments might be made in the near future. For example, if a moment’s marked as 35,000 CC, it means the edition size could continue to grow to 40,000 or even 50,000!

Limited Edition (LE) designates a moment that is “retired.” That means no more of this moment will be minted – ever. A moment is marked as 10,000 LE will never have more editions minted.

The tale of three Lebrons. Two of these Series 2 moments are LE, while the assist (middle) is still CC

What do they mean?

Each Moment is typically designated with a specific mint total. For example, a new set of Cool Cats Moments might be designated as 10,000 LE from the day they are minted and then released in packs. Another good example the 2021 All-Star Game and Rising Stars sets, which minted each of its rare Moments at 2021 LE (to match the year.)

Series 1 Edition Sizes

The aptly named Series 1 was the very first on Top Shot. This first batch of Moments primarily covered the 2019-2020 NBA Season, with the Series 1 Run It Back set dropping rare vintage moments from the 2013-2014 Season. Top Shot was growing pretty rapidly during this time, so Series 1 edition sizes can seem pretty random; some moments are 3,133 LE, others are 3,999 LE. There’s no clear reasoning or distinction as to why these numbers vary so wildly, so we’ll chalk it up to growing pains. Beta, y’know?

Here are some standard edition sizes from Series 1:

S1 Legendary Editions:

All Legendary Moments from Series 1 were minted fewer than 80 total LE.

S1 Rare Editions:

Rare Moments grew in size during Series 1, bubbling all the way to 999 LE.

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S1 “Special Editions” Common Set Editions: Some Moments were minted as Commons, but marked as special sets.

S1 Base Set: There are various Moments that vary in Edition Size. They have no specific designation or reason behind the variance in the Edition size.

  • 1,000 LE: Lowest Range
  • 3,999 LE: Highest Range

Series 2 Edition Sizes

Series 2 Moments began minting after the start of the 2021-2022 NBA Season and will likely conclude once the 2022 NBA Finals have concluded. These are being actively minted.

As NBA Top Shot grew by astronomical proportions in early 2021, the Set and Edition Sizes were adjusted to meet demand and will likely continue to change throughout the season.

S2 Legendary Editions

S2 Rare Editions

S2 “Special Edition” Common Set Editions: Cool Cats in an ongoing Series that will conclude with a Master Challenge. The Edition Sizes have been adjusted to fit the demand.

S2 Base Set:

  • 4,000 LE: Triple Badge Rookies.
    • All these moments are from a player’s first game and minted during their rookie season.
  • 7,500 LE: Stars.
    • 10x players were capped at this mint size.
  • 12,000 LE: First Moments.
    • All these moments are a player’s first in NBA Top Shot.
  • 15,000 LE: Initial round of S2 Commons.
  • 35,000 CC+: The Commons currently being minted.

Challenge Mint Size

When Challenges are completed, the Moment Reward is minted and distributed to those who finished the Challenge. Hence, there is no way to foretell how many of these Challenge Rewards will be made, since Collectors can complete the Challenge right up until the last minute.

When these Rewards are distributed, the Reward Moment will be marked as “CC+” for a few weeks before being changed to LE. Although the Reward is technically a “retired” Moment, the Top Shot team keeps it open in order to fulfill any glitches or issues that occurred in the system and mint a handful of new Moments should the need arise.

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Open Set vs Closed Set

You may notice that some of the Sets are marked as “Open” and “Closed.” Similar to the Edition Sizes, this is to show collectors which sets may have more Moments minted within.

For example, Metallic Gold, Holo Icon, and Base Set are typically “Open Set,” as more may be added later. But specific sets like The Gift and Season Tip-Off will be marked “Closed Set” as soon as the Challenge Rewards have been distributed.

Edition Sizes going forward

On March 4, 2021, the NBA Top Shot team put out a blog post about the future size of editions. From this point forward, upcoming sets will follow these specific edition sizes:

  • 10,000+ CC or more: Commons
  • 500 LE to 4,999 LE: Rare
  • 50 LE to 499 LE: Legendary