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The #1 Account on NBA Top Shot [feat. WHALE SHARK]

WhaleVault, the biggest account on NBA Top Shot, is worth over $50 Million USD. And on this podcast we talk to the man who runs

Your First $100 on NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is a wonderful yet overwhelming place. The marketplace is 24/7/365 and can boast upwards of 10,000 individual buyers in a single day

What is a First Moment Badge on NBA Top Shot?

All moments featuring a player’s first play on Top Shot will receive a First Moment Badge. For players who debuted in Series 1, this could be applied to multiple moments across different sets.

Buying & Selling on NBA Top Shot with THE PLUNGEFATHER

In his The First Mint solo stream debut, the legendary PlungeFather gives a workshop on BUYING & SELLING in the NBA TOP SHOT marketplace.

778,000+ New Moments on All Star Weekend [feat. ChugsnBugs]

The All Star Weekend was wild: 4x Pack Drops, which is great, and tons of Marketplace downtime, which is bad! LG gives his thoughts on

All Star Game DOUBLE PACK DROP on NBA Top Shot

FIRST MINT FRIDAY! LG Doucet, TheReelPhilD, and PlungeFather dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot and the DOUBLE PACK DROP for the All

Seeing Stars Final Pack Drop! Live from NBA Top Shot Twitch

The First Mint hosted the Seeing Stars Drop #3 on the NBA TOP SHOT Twitch Channel, from 10am PST to 1230pm PST. We featured guests

*Rising Stars* Pack Opening with THE REEL PHIL D

After multiple failed attempts, The Reel Phil D has finally secured a pack of RISING STARS on NBA TOP SHOT! He is joined by The

Top Shot Master Challenge: Lamelo Crypto Kitty [feat. Usman!]

Cool Cats vs Crypto Kitties,  All Star Strategy, Data & Analysis from The Boiler Room, and tons of Giveaways!

The Value of Series 1 [feat. GREEK FREAK]

[Addendum: Added a blurb about the *RISING STARS* announcement.] Updates about The First Mint & NBA Top Shot, including Challenge Rewards. LG gives his thoughts