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How To Pick Your Next NFT

Scaly Nelson, NFT and DeFi master, joins us on the podcast to share his knowledge of the NFT industry, including the early days of an MLB crypto project and crypto punks.

The Blueprint for Top Shot

With so many features in Top Shot (Badges, Tickets, Baller Status) and so little Utility (so far), it’s becoming clear that Top Shot’s final form will take years to develop.

NBA Top Shot Cool Cats Master Challenge

Cool Cats Is Over

The Cool Cats Master Challenge that has been lingering for almost FOUR MONTHS has finally been posted and will wrap up next week. A recap.

where is the value on NBA Top Shot

Where Is The Value on Top Shot? [FEAT. MBL]

We interviewed Michael Levy (MBL) about where to find value on NBA Top Shot. We talk through his history approaching Top Shot and his basic strategy principles.

Get Started on NBA Top Shot

Getting Started on NBA Top Shot

New to NBA Top Shot? Learn how the Packs Drop, how challenges work, and how many Moments there are.

Top Shot Goes To The Playoffs [Feat. J.E. Skeets]

It’s episode #50 of The First Mint. That’s right. We’ve made 50 of these. Thank you for sticking with us. There’s plenty more to come.

The $1 Top Shot Moment

With Base Packs now a weekly occurrence on NBA Top Shot, we have seen the return of $1 Moments on the Marketplace.


PACK CRACKERS ANTHEM! The First Mint presents, our community pack cracking video! Thank you to everyone who submitted a video fo their pack opening. We’ll


The First Mint Live RETURNS TO ACTION! LGDoucet, TheReelPhilD, and Special Guests as we dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot. We got

The WNBA On The Blockchain [FEAT. ROS GOLD]

With the WNBA Season just days away from kicking off, we welcome well-known broadcaster Ros Gold to the show. She talks about what women’s basketball