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The First Mint NFT 📦

The First Mint is going to drop an NFT.

Can Trading Cards Survive the NFT Hype? [FEAT. DJ SKEE]

The battle of Digital and Physical Trading Cards has begun. TOPP 70 artist and trading card collector DJ SKEE joins the show to talk about physical trading

Where do NFTs go from here [FEAT. J1MMY]

Special Guest J1mmy joins the show to talk about how he’s an NBA Top Shot OG, how to branch out into other NFT projects, and his company NFT42

Will Top Shot Ever Explode Again? [FEAT. BLOCK J]

Want The First Mint in your inbox? Subscribe here. Episode 35 of TFM. April 14, 2021. Special Guest BLOCK J joins the show to talk

Are We Ready for 30 More Holo Icon Moments?

We are on the verge of another Legendary drop in NBA Top Shot. What will be the long and short term effects of these new Moments? And…are we ready?

What are ULTIMATE MOMENTS on Top Shot?

What are Platinum Ice and Genesis Moments on NBA Top Shot?

The Full List of Outstanding Series 1 Moments on NBA Top Shot

The story of the @NBATopShot Account on NBA Top Shot has a simple motive but a complex history. We’ve got a breakdown of the 16,391 Moments in the account.


The voice of NBA Top Shot, Jacob Eisenberg, joins us for a monster episode

The Potential For Pack Drop Restrictions [FEAT. GREG MURRAY]

Will you ever need to qualify for a pack drop? It has happened before, and it could happen again. We welcome TFM contributor Greg Murray

Office Hours: March 26, 2021

NBA Top Shot Office Hours summary, March 26, 2021